Advice on How to Stop Moisture Seeping into Concrete

Tips for Epoxy Concrete Repair?

Epoxy is a fast drying material which is used to perform concrete repair on cracks, effectively sealing it from moisture. The best tips for this include preparing the concrete, then using an epoxy gun to install the epoxy; however, only mix the amount of epoxy which you need to use. Be aware that epoxy comes with an extremely strong odor so it should only be used in well-ventilated areas, and any prolonged exposure should be avoided at all costs.

Concrete is a common material used within the construction industry. It can be used to build driveways, foundations, sidewalks and swimming pools, it has various uses. It is extremely strong once it has cured; however, it is prone to cracking. As the ground shifts, moisture will eventually crack concrete, which will compromise its strength and integrity. An effective solution is to fill these cracks with epoxy.

Preparing the epoxy comes in two parts, which requires a special hardener. Once it has been mixed with a hardener, the epoxy will be activated and will dry and strengthen extremely fast. As epoxy dries, it does expand. This forms a tight bond within the repaired area.

Surface preparation is vital to successfully performing concrete repair using epoxy. All cracks must be dry and debris free. A good tip which professionals use when doing an epoxy repair on concrete is carving out the right profile on the crack. Chiseling cracks to V shapes allows epoxy to expand and thus push out of the crack; however, undercutting the crack resembles an inverted V works just as well. This keeps the epoxy from pushing out, and allows it to make a tighter bond on the crack.

The best way to use epoxy is with an epoxy gun. This automatically mixes the epoxy and hardener together, as it injects into the cracked concrete. This technique removes any wastage, due to the fact only the right amount of epoxy will mix with the hardener.

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