Our services

What we can offer you :

  • Quality concrete work done at affordable prices: tearout and replacement, steps, stoops, porches, patios, driveways, sidewalks, residential and commercial. NO JOB IS TOO SMALL!
  • Goncrete work in progressGeorge Higginbotham Concrete offers a variety of options, detailed to your specific needs, from tearout, haul away and replacement of existing work, to helping our customers save money in situations where a porch, patio or steps have fallen away from your home or foundation.Or your driveway might have cracks or is damaged just in certain areas, however the entire structure does not need replacing – we can professionally saw cut and repair or replace just those areas.
  • Smaller stamped concrete jobs, porches, patio, sidewalks – we also offer colored concrete for any project. Brick, Block and Stone repair and holloway.

Pouring concreteWe pour our driveways with a 4 000 pound concrete mix. Four inches thick with 6 inch approaches a solid surface under the new concrete is created by either tamping the ground tight and or filling with gravol to the desired elevation. We also use steel wire and or rebar reinforcement for longer lasting and better durability. Our finishing process also includes a spray on cure and sealing applications to stall humpful weather damage. Smaller Stamped Concrete Jobs – Patios Porches and Sidewalks – we also offer color concrete on any project. Since our goal always has been to satisfy the customer’s needs first and we will not consider our job complete until you the customer is satisfied.